3D EPID Dose Reconstruction for Radiation Therapy
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Automated and Efficient Saving Time and Energy
Transit/InVivo Dosimetry Check dose delivery during treatment
Pretreatment Dosimetry Check dose delivery before treatment
Auto Report Function Provides documented dose verification for every patient
Dosimetry Check uses the Electronic Portal Imaging Device (EPID) or Detector Array to capture images measuring the X-ray intensity applied to the patient.  Those images are then converted back to an In-Air Fluence map from which the dose is calculated in 3D back on the Patient CT. This reconstructed dose is then compared to the intended dose from the planning system. This feedback loop provides the best quality control for patient safety and treatment accuracy.
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Unparalleled Feedback
Dosimetry Check provides a more efficient and complete way to check the accuracy of the dose to be delivered to the patient. It is able to run either before the patient is treated or “in transit” (during the treatment). Dosimetry Check has an automated utility making the process even more efficient and easy to use.
Efficient and Automated
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No Additional Hardware Needed for QA Saving money and Resources
Process data at any time Flexible and Reliable
The first QA software to calculate 3D dose to the Patient CT
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